Get to Know Me Better!

Hi, my name is Çağla Karabaşlık. I was born in 23rd of January 2002. I want to study abroad in university and I ‘m trying to do this now. I studied in Bahçeşehir College for the mid-school then, I went to the Gaziantep College Foundation IB diploma programme 2 years for high school. Then I decided to change my school again. So I went to Kenan Çakır Anatolian high school for 11. grade. Now I’m still studying at Kenan Çakır high school as a 11. grade student. When I was in IB, I attended t o the to the some events like MUN. And I tried to improve and educate myself in academic ways. When I left IB, I felt so desperate because I thought that IB was the only way to study abroad. So I search for a way to studying abroad without IB and eventually I found that. Now let’s talk about my interests. I tried lots of sports like; tennis, basketball, swimming but I never liked any of them. Then when I was 7th grade my mom brought me to dansart (which was best school for dance in Gaziantep), and that was the moment which was changed my life.I started to dance in Fire Of Anatolia dance crew and I fell in love with dancing. I gave all of my attention and effort on that sport. But dance is not just a sport, it is actually an art too. That’s why I really like something and never left or bored. This is what you have to know about me.

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