Here is the alternative for your health:

Dancing is contributing our mental health, physical health and the balance of our souls. In our daily life we have lot to do. Our schools or jobs are ruining our health and soul.

It is exhausting us and we have to relax and balance everything in ourselves. So here is the solution. Dance can be the most efficient alternative for balancing our health.


Dancing Effect Makes You Feel Happy :)

Dancing is an activity that almost everyone likes. When you watch dancing, you can see a big smile on their faces. It's natural to smile and laugh when you dance! That's because you really have a lot of fun dancing. There is also no age limitation for dancing as for other exercises. Individuals of all ages can dance and be healthier.

When we allow our body to flow with music, we can make our minds work freely. We don't need a language for this, we just need to feel and express ourselves physically, that's all. The doors of naturalness and creativity open in front of us and new ways await us. We find new answers to our problems, our minds start to walk new paths and problems will be easier to solve.

Dancing allows us to connect with our inner self. Through dance we can express feelings that we are not even aware of. It saves us from the weights we carry. It gives us the opportunity and the opportunity to know ourselves in a different language.

When you dance, your mind is free to forget all your problems and focus on the movement. It also allows the release of dopamine and serotonin, which are chemicals that dance, reduce stress, and increase feelings of happiness. Many studies support the hypothesis that dancing can be useful in relieving physical pain, such as headaches and back pain. It can also be used to reduce some of the symptoms of depression.

Also, dancing with a partner helps us to rely more on ourselves and others. By allowing our creativity to enter the dance floor, we open up new doors, so that we can love and understand ourselves more.

In a study by M. Joe Verghese (2003), it was shown that dancing attenuated the nerve junctions and slowed the decrease in the volume of the hippocampus as a natural result of the aging process. Dancing protects the brain in the long run. He also concluded that in other studies, dance stimulated the central nervous system and brain activity.

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